Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Your Style and You-1

What makes you fashionable is not the dress you have on it the way you combine d clothes.
 A person who buys a dress or shirt for 15-20k may rock it and in d eyes of people, look like he bend- down selected it, while someone with that same dress at a less price, probably sewn in Nigerian market will rock the dress and depict class immediately. What happened? Choice of Style.
 Let's style you or better still teach u how to improve your style.


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Happy New Year to you all, its so good to be alive,well and sound this year. I thank God for keeping you all. I say a big thank you to you all for being a part of this network in 2014, we welcome u with arms open wide in 2015. This year, Movedi is back and better. We will be bringing you the best pictures, talks and fashion tips on this style network. I believe our fashion language in 2015 should be different from that of 2014- Totally re-Defined.Welcome aboard.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Fashion Sense

   Happy new month to you all. May this month bring forth for you wonderful wrap ups for the year 2014.
     I hope we av started working on our discussion yesterday. Today we will discuss the term "Fashion Sense".
       My teacher says fashion is a state of mind not a size range. I have found out from my little experience in life that beauty is a state of the mind. Your self-worth affects your Fashion and vice-versa.
There is no body size that cannot be more beautiful than a model, all u need is get what suits you and wear it with so much confidence that people want to be your size.
The way u carry yourself is the way others carry you. If you present yourself as a Doormat, people will step on you as they please but, if you present yourself as a Treasure, people will guard you with care.
From today begin to educate your mind with Gods word,(books,messages, seminars) which is the manual for your life and see how your perspective about your true self begins to affect your Style/Fashion.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Your outlook attracts its kind

Hi everyone, it has really been a long break on this platform. I am really sorry for the break, now I'm back and this time fully ready.
     Today we are discussing on the issue of our OUTLOOK and how it affects our socializing. There is this saying "the way you dress is the way you are addressed". Though some people counter this saying with cogent reasons but I choose to stay safe and agree with the saying.
       Outlook could mean the way you; talk, walk, sit, approach issues, dress,package, e.t.c. Today's post is about Dressing and Packaging.
     Truth be told, even you don't want to associate with some people because of their outlook. In high school back then,they were referred to as NERDS. Even when they put on their best, they either overdressed or under-packaged. I believe we all know that packaging is very key in every field. We should always make our appearance introduce us, when people see you from afar, let people desire to know you. Always make your first impression in peoples' mind count, leave them wanting to know more. Your outlook could either make you get or loose a multimillion dollar deal. Ask yourself today, if i were the CEO of a multinational,would i employ myself? Would i like to see my employees dress the way i dress? If in all sincerity of heart you cannot say yes, then you have to work on your outlook before your next job interview.
      Like I said in my earlier post, fashion is not about how much clothes you have or how expensive they are, its about being able to curve out a style niche for yourself. You see a lot of artists/celebrities and you can point out something unique about them, this, my peeps is what we call creating a style niche. You don't need to have all the money or clothes to curve out your own style niche all you need is develop a unique fashion sense.
Q: How do i develop my fashion sense?
A: Watch out for my post.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fashion- The Definition

Fashion according to wikipedia is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. This goes to say that the way a person combines clothing,footwear,accessories, makeup and even furniture tells how fashionable he/she is.        
   I would be giving you a download on what fashion is not. It is not;
- the freedom for indecency
- the amassing of clothing,footwear,e.t.c
- about what you wear or have
- of the devil
- for the high and mighty alone.
Anybody can be fashionable, with fashion, its not about how rich you are and how many things you can afford, its actually what you can make out of the little you can afford.
For instance, I have an Ankara skirt suit, a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a platform packed for an ankara one day event, then it turns out the event is for two days. What? But you know the interesting thing, I don't have to stress about getting another outfit for the other event, all I need do is cross combine (the Ankara jacket on the jean and then the shirt on the skirt) with my platform on both days and then no one would even notice anything, you see, that's Fashion.
   I believe this little thoughts will help your wardrobe this week.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Welcome Address.

Hello everyone, you are welcome to this blog, it promises to be very interesting, challenging, insightful and informative.
   It is a medium set out to reach people who are fashionistas and also those who desire to be fashionable. Anybody can be Fashionable, u just have to be determined. Here, you find out truths about what Fashion really is. We'll talk more on this in my future posts. I would appreciate your comments.